Complaints from a Customer

Hey, all-

I have compiled a complete list of frustrations from a customer. Some of these we can fix, and some of them we cannot. I will try to get the necessary information to the necessary departments, but right now I just want all of them in one place:

1. There are some Community News pages missing from 2012-backward. Can we locate those and have them accessible?

2. He did not like that the Sunday inserts were not accessible through E-edition and suggested that we make a separate publication flipbook for those.

3. The Dining Out vendor we have "is horrible." Is there a way we can make the flipbooks ourselves and have those accessible, maybe even before discarding of print2web?

4. The Community News borders are nonexistent, making it difficult to read.

5. In the E-Edition, the search by date function is really difficult to operate from a user standpoint, especially if you know the date and it is a few years back. He is requesting that a "typing search function" be added to the date-search in the E-Edition.

He had a really hard time with customer service, so let's do what we can, though I know we can't fix all of these.



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